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Lake Marcia | New Jersey Landscape Photographer

Below are some views of the spring-fed waters of the 20-acre Lake Marcia located within High Point State Park located in the northwestern part of New Jersey in Montague, Sussex County in the Skylands Region of New Jersey.  In the distance you can see the War Veterans Monument built to honor veterans of all wars....

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Highlights from High Point | New Jersey Landscape Photographer

Below are some highlights from our trip to High Point State Park today. High Point, located in the northwestern part of New Jersey in Montague, Sussex County in the Skylands Region of New Jersey, is the highest elevation in the state at 1,803 feet (550 m). It is just southeast of Port Jervis, New York....

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Amusement! | New Jersey Photographer

I was over at Mike Palmer’s blog and his recent Victorian Gardens post reminded me that I completely forgot to share some of the photos that I took with him of the same area in Central Park.  I edited them before my move and after that it totally slipped my mind to share them. I...

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H&M – NYC – Panoramic

Hand-held panoramic photo done on a visit to New York City, January 2nd, merged in Photoshop CS3. You can click on the pano to enlarge it. I wish I was a little more centered in the composition but this was the only place I could stand  from across the way.

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New York City Skyline

I visited Weehawken, NJ to photograph the New York City skyline over the Hudson River this past Sunday from Hamilton Park. I took 12 images in total and used 11 images to create this panorama (but cropped the ends some). I wish the sky held more interest for the photo…but I’m sure I will be...

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Pano @ Topsail

I did this panoramic of Topsail beach but for some reason if you look closely at it – it didn’t line up properly. From far away it looks good but the ocean has some skips in it. I’m not sure why it happened but I tried it a few times and it still happened. Does...

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"From the Top of the Empire State Building"

New Year’s Day 2009 was a great day! Jo Ann and I showed our North Carolina crew around New York City for the day (their first time seeing the city) and braved the 20-something degree weather to do so. The day started with a trip to the top of the Empire State Building (something I’ve...

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Barnapalooza Indiana (and more)

I’ve been dying to work on these since I got home from Indiana since I’m a proud lover of barns and rural scenes.  Below you will find more from the “drive by shootings” series with Julie Lawson in Parke County, Indiana. The first photo is a new spin on an earlier Pano that I posted...

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