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Down Time | New Jersey Portrait Photographer

It’s not like me to not post something on my blog almost every day but most recently I’ve been having a little down time.  The funny part is that my downtime hasn’t been spent lounging around and resting.  I’ve actually been traveling.  First from North Carolina to Georgia, then back to North Carolina, then to...

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Coming Soon: Julie at Dreamland | New Jersey Portrait Photographer

Coming soon…Julie Lawson of at Dreamland!

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Quadruple J’s | New Jersey Family Portrait Photographer

Last week when I visited Julie I had the pleasure of photographing her two sisters and brother.  I was so happy to do so!! Each of their names starts with “J” hence the title of today’s blog post.  As the 5th “J” in the group I think I fit right in!  lol! We took the...

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Hot Town, Summer In The City ~ Wilmington, NC | New Jersey Photographer

Last Saturday was a HOT HOT HOT day in North Carolina but Chris and I ventured out anyway.  We drove to Wilmington, NC in my Dad’s Firebird with the T-tops off. By the time we there we needed to find somewhere to cool off before we walked around the hot streets. We chose this little...

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Summer Has Arrived! | New Jersey Landscape Photographer

Summer Has Arrived!

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The Bellamy Mansion

I wish we knew what this place was while we were there…I may have tried to take a tour of it… but if I had I would have missed documenting that house fire.  Guess there’s always next time! The Bellamy Mansion of History & Design Arts The Bellamy Mansion is one of North Carolina’s most...

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All Around Town

I’m sorry there hasn’t been a post in a couple days…that’s not like me at all.  I had this one “almost” ready for two days but never was able to finish it because I wasn’t feeling well for over a week.  I finally want to the doctor today and it’s a double ear infection and...

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The Peacemaker

The 150-foot Peacemaker tall ship and its crew docked in Wilmington, NC Saturday, March 7, 2009 and will call the Cape Fear River home until after the Azalea Festival, first weekend in April. We visited on the day the ship first arrived and watched as a crowd gathered to board the ship. All about the...

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