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Yearly Archives: 2007

LIGHTS! Camera! Great Subjects!

Lighting seemed to be a big theme for me on Friday’s visit to Princeton. I noticed it as I was editing the photos. I thought I’d dedicate today’s blog post to it. I love this old campus and the architecture…the fine details in things like lighting, doors, decorative details blow me away! To view more...

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PRINCETON II – At the Cathedral on Campus

Firstly I needed to share this because it’s so me! Today I spent another couple hours walking around Princeton University taking multiple exposures of the campus as well as the beautiful church on the campus which became my favorite part of the day for photos. A few hightlights from today’s visit to Princeton University. I...

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Working on July….

That’s right…I was working on photos from July of this year! I’m determined to clear out this backlog of photos since the weather prediction for the next 3 days is RAIN! Kite flying over Liberty State Park: My sister and I visited Weehawken, NJ and Liberty State Park to capture the NYC skyline. I edited...

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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

My family Christmas: What would a photographer be without their camera during the holidays…well it wouldn’t be me! These are my favorites from Christmas day. I shot them with the SB800 flash (mostly) pointed straight at the ceiling. What a great light it creates in the room when you bounce the flash!! I love this...

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Christmas Spirit/Lighting Essentials/Backdrop Compresson Poles

Wow this website is filled with great information: Lighting Essentials: Also, another DIY treat for those who want to save money on a diffuser: DIY Studio Lighting – The Strip Light That Won’t Strip You A link to 150 great blogs abput photograohy AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST – This just...

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The Art of Portrait Photography

Comic courtesy of Did a lot more reading today…didn’t take a single photo today though. I upgraded the virus scans on our 2 PCs and our laptop…that’s about all the fun I had today (NOT!) I didn’t even edit a single photo…:( Some reading on brought me to these articles which I thought were...

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Today is my birthday! Didn’t do much in the day but we’re going out to dinner tonight so I’m looking forward to that! In the mean time I was keeping busy with my birthday macro lens. I took a shot of an eye and the surprise was that you could see a reflection of me...

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Been Editing Away/NYC Pics/Why Use Layers in Photoshop?

I haven’t taken anything new in a few days…haven’t had much energy for it. Instead I’ve been editing a lot of the New York City series I took last Saturday. Tonemapping the single RAW file has produced unbelievable results. When I compare the before and after it’s an amazing difference! This photo from Times Square...

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