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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Backdrops – Make Your Own!

I think I will be heading out tonight to buy some fabric for use as backdrops. Definitely black but I may also get a white one…I’ll have to see what they have when I go. I also have to figure out what kind of fabric will work for photography…can’t be too shiny or to sheer…ugh,...

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Dragan, Dragan, Dragan – The Dragan Effect

Last night I took some fun photos of the kids after portraits and when I got home I tried this technique called the Dragan Effect named after a famous photographer Andrzej Dragan. Check out his work HERE. Last night’s creation: Then I spent tonight making these: I think this one is the best of the...

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Family Photo Christmas Shoot

My friend asked me to take some photos of her and her 2 sons because her mother wanted to use them as Christmas cards so I went there tonight and shot some quick photos for them aroud the house. I’m excited that my website host started offering holiday cards for customers. This is probably the...

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Do it Yourself Lightboxes, Ring Lights, Gel Lights for Product Photography

I created my own “Do It Yourself Lightbox” To view my Tutorial click here: Links to Do It Yourself Softboxes, Light Tents, and a $10 Macro Studio: Homemade Light Box for Product Photography Light Box / Light Tent How To: DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio Guide/Techniques on Photographing Jewelry: Jewelry Photography Techniques Do it...

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Correct Converging Lines / Lens Distortion

I learned about this freeware program this on my Photography Forum today that helps correct “converging lines” in your photographs. I tried it tonight and it worked wonders!! Give it a try! This is what was posted on the forum: “To correct the converging lines I used a very nice and easy to handle software...

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Dreary Day

Well, today was my last day off from work and it was totally DREARY! Rainy and foggy and such a chill in the air. If I knew it was going to be a terrible rainy day I would have saved the vacation day for another day or taken it last week…but what can you do?...

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Another Photo Trip Before Dark

Worked on editing photos all day and putting them on my website hosted by Smugmug. Around 3:30pm I got tired of sitting around the house and I decided to run out to the D&R Canal close to my house to try to shoot some more RAW format multiple exposures to create more HDR photographs in...

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Quick Little Photo Trip – Turned Out To Be Very Fruitful!

I spent the day indoors today working on my family portraits from Thanksgiving and decorating the house for Christmas. Around 3:30pm I decided to run out for a few minutes to get some photos in locally before the sun went down. I stopped at an area I found on Thursday that was part of the...

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