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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Article I Read

Just wanted to share an article I just read on Understanding Light. To read it click HERE. www.jenweaverphotography.com

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Giving Thanks

Today was Thanksgiving and we were blessed with beautiful weather (66 degrees). We got together at my mother’s house for Turkey dinner. I decided to take my camera (of course) and I also brought along my tripod and new Gary Fong Lightsphere. I thought it would be nice (especially with the nice weather) to take...

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To RAW or Not to RAW? …… and HDR!

Well….I finally came around and decided that I would try to shoot in RAW format. I was on the fence about it for months and while I had off from work today I decided to do a test shot in RAW out my front door and then I sat at my computer and viewed the...

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I have off from work tomorrow…the weather is supposed to be icky…so you know what I’m going to be doing all day? EDITING! Yes, I’m serious…I’ll be editing, editing, and editing all day if the weather is bad. Maybe one day I will get caught up! Tonight I worked on a number of photos in...

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Tonights Editing Session

I’ve been working on the fall foliage trip that my sister and I took for a couple days. I still have so much more to go on this series. I also (finally) added some photos to my flickr account. I’ve had it for quite a while and I just never have enough time. Their new...

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Gorgeous skies

Spent the evening editing in Photoshop. This tool a long time to get the sky to look like this…I’m still trying to figure out layers…so this took me quite a while to get right: I like these as well…before tonight I never thought of using actions like this on landscapes: www.jenweaverphotography.com

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More Wedding Snaps

Here are few favorites of shots from the wedding. Unfortunately it was a bit dark in the ballroom so I had to bump up the ISO. I only had the on-camera flash (which did pretty well considering) because I didn’t want to bring the external flash with me. Bumping up the ISO left some of...

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Wedding Night

I attended a friend’s wedding tonight…I’ll ads some shots of the wedding later…. www.jenweaverphotography.com

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