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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Thank You to My Photoshop Angels

Julie & Cathy, I felt I had to make a special thank you post to both of you for really coming through for me with my Photoshop issues this week! Seriously – I really appreciate you trying to solve my issues and I finally have something I’m satisfied with! You are both great friends and...

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The B. Family II (Communion Portraits Continued)

More of the B. Family! To see all of the B. Family photos posted so far HERE. S. looking over at mom…I love moments like this: Such a sweet smile… The bow!! Such a beautiful dress – we wanted to show the wonderful details: With the rosary beads from grandma: Without the beads but hands...

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The B. Family's Sneak Peek – Communion and Family Portraits

This morning I had pleasure of photographing The B. Family! M. & M. have the most beautiful family. Two very lovely & sweet girls (S. & E.) and their cute little boy (J.) who will be turning very one soon. We had lots of fun and tons of giggles while taking S.’s Communion Portraits, a...

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19th Annual Civil War Reenactment 2008 – Neshaminy State Park PA

If I can give you any tip regarding your journey with photography – it’s to get out there and try different things that you never thought you would.. It’s like that old saying “You’ll never know if you like it until you try.” Today my sister and I decided to try something different for a...

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The "Brats"

My friend Tiffany’s mom, Donna, is learning how to make her own wine at The Grape Escape Winemaking School in Dayton, NJ. She’s calling her wine “Two Brats” and she wanted me to take some “bratty looking” photos of her grandsons (Tiffany’s boys) to use for the wine label. I thought the idea was so...

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EDIT 4/25: When I got to work today on a different monitor I see that none of photos below look how they did last night when I spent hours working on them. Ever since I darkened the brightness on my monitor I have had trouble with how my photos on every other monitor but my...

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Bobbi + Mike

I like to visit other photographer’s blogs to learn new & exciting ideas and to get inspiration from others photographers. I have a whole list of RSS feeds that I try to check daily and one in particular that I’ve really been enjoying lately is: BOBBI + MIKE This husband and wife duo from Indiana...

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And the Experiments Continue

In continuation of this shoot…I experimented a couple more times with adding texture. You never know until you try things, right? I like how they look but it’s most important for me to see what the customer likes. One more edit that I haven’t shown yet…completely dodged out the background on this one. I’ll probably...

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