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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Final Edits of Jo Ann With New Light Set-up

This may be obvious but I just need to make the point…if not for anyone then for myself! Having the proper lighting set up makes all the difference in editing time! I was able to edit 60 photos in such a short time today because I only tweaked MINOR things with each of the photos...

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Jo Ann and My New Lighthing Set-up

Tonight I got to practice with my new lighting set-up that came yesterday from B&H. I’m still trying to learn what I’m doing right or wrong. If you have any suggestions, let know…. My test subject was my friend Jo Ann. Jo Ann, thanks for being a great subject and willing to try all different...

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I Got My Lighthing Goods! Woo Hoo!

I’m officially a “strobist” girl! LOL! I got my lighting goods today from B&H! With Mike’s help I officially fired the first test shots tonight with my new SB800s! Yee ha! I still don’t know what I’m doing but, heck, who does the first time you do something? Well, I guess I could read all...

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The Fam

Erin and Noel’s wedding… Erin was interested in seeing some of the family shots to share with friends and family so I jumped over to a few of those tonight for editing. Oh my goodness! Look at those eyes! Isn’t he so adorable?? Click HERE to see more. (click to view larger) The shady area...

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More at Sunset

More from Erin & Noel’s wedding… Click HERE to see more. I love this one of Erin & Noel. I climbed onto the fence next to them with my camera (I know I’m a nut) to get them from a little higher up. I like how they are looking out into the field where the...

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More of Historic Griggstown, NJ

I pass this spot everyday on my way home so I decided to take some photos for 20 mins on my way home. I featured this area of Historic Griggstown, NJ back at the beginning of March in this blog entry and this time I decided to bracketed shots for HDR processing. Below are my...

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If Only I Had this at the Wedding I Did Last Week!

Nikon SD-8A Battery Pack If you don’t have one and you shoot a lot of events, where you use your flash for hours, you need one. Click here to see it on B&H’s website. The Nikon SD-8A Battery Pack takes six “AA” alkaline, lithium or NiCad batteries. It can be used with the SB-11, SB-22,...

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I Feel Special Today – Thank you!

I feel very special today…the planets must all be aligning…(who am I kidding…I don’t know what the planets are doing) but the fact of the matter is that I feel “special” today. I must admit that I didn’t wake up with that special feeling when I realized that last night I was so tired that...

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