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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Tara and Adam's Wedding – Sneak Peak

So, folks, I made it through a very long day. I was friend, candid wedding photographer, and “pseudo” wedding assistant for my lovely friend Tara for the day. I’ve been in and to so many weddings that it felt natural being able to help out for the day. It was SOOOO hot out but we...

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Tara & Adam's Rehearsal Dinner

My beautiful friends Tara & Adam asked me if I’d photograph their wedding rehearsal dinner for them. Of course I answered yes immediately! Even with my bum ankle/foot I couldn’t say no! They had the dinner at La Nonna Pianocone’s Cafe in Bradley Beach and the room that party was in was fantastic. The food...

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New York City in a Lovely Shade of Tonemapped

I had nothing new ready for tonight so I thought that I would post some of my favorite photos from new York City from December. I tonemapped the single RAW image in Photomatrix. This one is called : MUTED CITY I call this one: I HEART NY Let me explain why: I got to this...

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Forgotten May Beauty

Loving that the 50mm is so versatile… I forgot all about these flower photos until tonight. I was sitting here trying to decide what I wanted to work on for tonight and I knew it wasn’t wedding photos or portraits (for tonight) so I looked around in the mass of unedited work and realized I...

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Anthing You Can Do I Can Try Too!

These are not the greatest photos in the sense of “technique” but they are “good moments” and memories of my buddy learning something new. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? My sister never said that…because she did! Lucas stayed with my sister for the day while I was at a bridal...

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Beautiful Bond

Below you’ll find some of my favorite edits of EJ’s session all photographed with the Nikon 50mm 1.4. Who wouldn’t love to capture the bond between a new mother and her precious baby? This is one of my closest friends (since grade 2) and I feel very honored that I get to capture her baby...

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Oh, to be this happy!

Workin on more edits of EJ! I can’t wait to finish the basic tweaks I’m doing to the color shots so I can do some fun editing! Here are a couple that I converted to B&W. I love that little face!!

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Update on the busted ankle…just a sprain!

This morning, first thing, my mother was kind enough to take me to the Urgent Care place because my foot was hurting worse than yesterday and was more swollen. The doctor took the xrays right on the spot and we were able to see them right on the screen within a minute which was kind...

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