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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Fun with Bri & Brittany and the ORBS

Tonight we had fun with light! Julie’s daughter Bri and her cousin Brittany were up for a little experiment that I first tried with Brianna last night. Take a look at the result of our experiments:

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All Things Julie Lawson!

Time is flying by so quickly on my trip to Indiana to see Julie of Julie Lawson Photography.  I’m going to be so sad to head back to NJ on Wednesday and leave her and her truly wonderful family!  I’ve been enjoying my time here and it will be so hard to go home! Today...

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Jen Takes on Indy! Day 1

Arriving at Newark airport…so excited! Terminal 92 to Indy! Waiting to board the plane! Waiting for take off! Finally after almost 2 years we meet in person!! Me and Emmalie waiting for my suitcase! Bri and her funny face (as usual) And a little entertainment by Emmalie when we got home: [youtube=] Tomorrow we’re doing...

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Jen's Big Adventure Part I

It’s finally here! Part I of Jen’s Big Adventure across the US! Tomorrow I will be boarding my flight headed for Indiana to see Julie! Julie and I have been friends for almost 2 years through a forum we’re both a member of and it’s amazing how close we got over the last year.  I’m...

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Sneak Peek: Newborn Baby "C"

Baby “C” arrived on October 5th at 6:13pm and was 7lbs., 19 in. She’s the beautiful baby born to H & K and is the baby sister to little K.  H & I were in the same sorority together in college and when baby C was born I asked if I could do her newborn...

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Halloween in the Emerald City

I was finally able to catch up on the Halloween festivities of my friend Ryan and his wife Mandy that I previewed on Nov 3rd HERE.  I’ve known Ryan and Mandy since high school and Ryan reached out to me via Facebook to see if I’d be interested in photographing some formal photos as well...

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The H Family at My Hometown Park

Today’s job was canceled due to the high winds and cold so I had plenty of time to edit the remainder of the photos of the “H. Family.” I’m so happy I was able to get them done and share them with my old friend “S.” just in time for holiday ordering! I am going...

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Mother, Home, and Heaven

Below are a few Post Card samples I did for a friend who was interested in a gift for her Mom’s club members. She picked the photos from my FLOWERS gallery, provided the quote, and I did the rest!

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