The other night when I did my self portraits I asked my husband to sit in the seat so I could focus on him and then once it was focused I would be okay to sit there and shoot away.

It worked for a lot of the shots but then eventually became unfocused….so the process had to be repeated.

Trees seem to have been my thing lately…these were taken the same day that I took the tree I wrote about a couple weeks ago in my blog post called The Story of the Tree. I found 4-5 great trees that day on my way home but with the lack of light I had to bump up the ISO and try to hold the camera very steady.

When I edited the photos tonight I saw a lot of noise in the photos so I decided to embrace it and add more texture to the shots. Not sure if it works….need opinions (be sure to click on the photo to view larger):

For this one, the noise in the sky really bothered me so I decided to burn the entire sky! Normally we would scoff at what we call “blown out skies” but I purposely make the sky look like this and I like it. Who’s to say we can’t have a bright white looking sky like this in a Black & White? Why do these perfect photography rules need to always be followed? Who’s to say what the rules are? Isn’t photography and artform? Aren’t our photos our own personal artistic creations? I think so!

Sorry for the rant…I just really feel this way sometimes. I sometimes see photos critiqued in a negative way that don’t follow the “rules” that I think are beautiful so I just make sure speak up with my own opinion when this happens…

Just food for thought….

To view more of my landscape shots click here:

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