I love this photo

I love this photo. I do.

Yes, it’s a photo of me. I’m not being conceited…it’s just that I really love this photo for many reasons. It’s over a year old now and as many other pics of me that I always experiment with for self portraits I always end up going back to this one as a favorite. I even used it on my website Guestbook.

Maybe it’s because it reminds me of a really good time in my life…a time when things were A LOT simpler. It was also the time when my photography passion IGNIGHTING! And then traveled full speed ahead!

The photo was a self portrait of me on the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC. I was there with a good frend of mine, Lee, and we had a fantastic day walking around NYC. I think we walked about 6 miles in total from the time we left his apartment and then returned to it. We actually walked so much for so long that I was hardly able to walk on my left foot all week!!

The photo was taken with a point and shoot that I still own and carry with me in my purse (the Canon Powershot A620). The Powershot has the great screen that you can flip around so you can take self portraits and actually know what you are taking rather than turning the camera towards you and just praying you get yourself (and/or you and your friend in).

I love that you can see the Brooklyn Bridge in the DOF and the way the wind was blowing my hair backwards. Okay, I know…I’m getting carried away…

I’ve processed it many different ways when I was a lot less crafty in Photoshop and decided that I’ve learned a few more tricks or two so I re-processed it today. It works best in B&W IMO.

Well anyway, back to the story…

Lee along with my sister are the two people that helped me on the start to getting my journey with photography rolling. The “journey” as I like to call it started back on February 11th, 2007 when my sister and I decided we’d go out for “photo days.” We continued to do so almost every Sunday for much of 2007. Lee and I had “key” couple of photo days as well in February and March of 2007 that were great for me. Who wouldn’t love taking photos in one of the best cities there is! They both made it fun and exciting to spend the day out photographing anything and everything.

I’m glad this spark has ignited and look how far it has taken me… from a little point and shoot to actual photography jobs!

I love my hobby…I just do!

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