I Feel Special Today – Thank you!

I feel very special today…the planets must all be aligning…(who am I kidding…I don’t know what the planets are doing) but the fact of the matter is that I feel “special” today.

I must admit that I didn’t wake up with that special feeling when I realized that last night I was so tired that I forgot to set my alarm for work! Luckily I woke up on my own! The other fun I woke up to was the fact that my eyes were still ON FIRE (or like someone rubbed sandpaper on them) from my allergies. I’ve NEVER had allergies like this in my life but they are in PAIN (could be the lack of sleep I give myself as well…but that’s me! I’ll sleep when I’m dead!)

It was another “glasses” day today and if you know me you’ll know that I HATE WEARING GLASSES! Glasses and I are NOT friends…I have the lightest weight titanium frames I could get but I still feel them on my face all day long! I’m convinced my ears are uneven so one side of my glasses always irritates me more then the other and I’m constantly adjusting them.

Just call me The Princess and the Pea because I feel every little thing….annoying glasses…tags in my shirt…seams on my socks! I know…I sound like a nut…but my mommy says I’m just “special” *LOL *.

Even though my glasses and I are NOT friends (and I avoid them like the plague) I waved the white flag at them Monday, yesterday, and today because I cannot put contacts in these sad eyes!

I had to snap this on my cell phone….my eyes are as pink as the shirt I am wearing to work today:

This is when I say “Saaaaaad Face”

Besides my sandpaper eyes and forgetting to set my alarm clock – I headed to work and was sidetracked by a detour that suddenly stopped “detouring” me mid-way through!!! I was actually LOST for a quick second until I realized I now had a GPS!! WOO HOOOO Magellan!!

I’ve affectionately named my GPS “Nancy.” Nancy calmly (but curtly) talks to me and guides me to my destination worry-free! So, Nancy, got me to where I was supposed to be this morning but not before I decided to make a pit stop at Walgreens to get the best eye drops money could buy for these crying eyes. The Pharmacist recommended Zaditor to me. Of course when I went to the aisle it was the most expensive allergy eye drop they had on the shelf! Uggggg! But at least it had an instant coupon so that made *happy* (coupons rock!). I put them in when I got to work and felt a bit of relief but they were still pink as hell!

Throughout the day my happiness and smiles increased…..

*Smile #1*

Thank you to my personal “Cheering Section” for the awesome comments I received from my favorite daily blog readers on “Erin & Noel’s” wedding photos. I was so nervous to do the wedding and I’m so pleased with the responses of my supportive friends. You made my day with your kind words.

Shout outs to: Sue (my Kentucky Bud), Julie (My Indiana Gal Pal), Mike (My Maryland Photography Guru), Heather (My Cali Gal Pal), Meleah (My New Gal Pal going through similar life’s journeys as I am!) , and Gordon aka Gordy, Gord. Gord-o, G, G-Man, Poppy Seed, Work Dad, or just Oscar (My Trusty Side-Kick and biggest fan).

*Smile #2*

I checked my daily photography blogs and saw the Jason D. Moore featured my personal photography profile, today, on his blog – Jason D. Moore’s Photography – Home of the Photoshop & Photography blogroll. That made me *smile*. I appreciate the feature Jason! It was good feeling opening the site today and seeing it.

If you haven’t seen the profile yet, click HERE to stop by Jason’s blog and read it.

Note: If you there is someone you would like to see as a part of the P&P
Blogger Profile series, please email
with their blog’s URL. Also, be sure to check out the P&P Weekly
every Monday for news about this site and a roundup of what other Photoshop
& Photography Blogroll members are posting.

*Smile #3*
I got an adorable e-card from Julie to cheer up my day with a cow dancing to some club music. It’s funny how hearing a dance song brought back some clubbing memories from college.. It reminded me that I need to go out dancing soon again…. it’s been way too long… I wonder if I’m too old now! *LOL*

*Smile #4*

I checked my new friend Meleah’s blog and she kindly featured *pimped* my photography blog on her blog (Momma Mia Culpa…Vodka Is Great, But This Isn’t Half Bad) with some very kind words about my work! Click HERE to read it.

Meleah is a single Mother, aspiring writer, professional Commercial Insurance Agent, and awesome blogger. Stop by and read Meleah’s blog for a daily dose of witty words about life, love, and anything else that drops into her life (which she writes about
so gracefully!)

*Smile #5*
My best girl Tiffany kindly featured a prominent link to my photography blog on her blog’s (Tiffany’s Epiphany) sidebar….including my business card pic…with a very kind caption above it.

Thanks girl! You’re the bomb! *LOL*

*Smile #6*

My Photography Forum co-moderator and good friend wrote me a very nice e-mail today which I appreciated reading the feedback. Thanks George! *HUGS*

With the roller coaster I’ve been riding on for months it’s nice to have a day where you may not have woken up happy but you ended up happy because of your friends and your personal cheering section!

I’d like OFF this roller coaster now. Why don’t we take a trip on “Cloud 9″ for once! PuuuuuuuuuLEASE!

Love you all!

May 29, 2008 - 1:38 pm

meleah rebeccah - Damn Grrl! That is plenty of reason to smile.

(It was my pleasure to ‘pimp’ you out! You are so freaking talented I just couldn’t help myself!)

I loved reading about you on Jason’s blog too. That was awesome!

And…THANK YOU! You just made MY DAY with your more than kind words about me! I am flattered and blushing.

As for allergy eyes…I know just how you feel. Its like someone put Hot Glue in them. Sticky, burning, itchy firey hell. I am also stuck wearing glasses today. (and not happy about it).

I plan on overdosing on Allegra. Maybe that will do the trick?

May 28, 2008 - 10:52 pm

Andy - Enjoyed reading “about you” on Jason’s blog… and also continuing to enjoy your blog.

Glad your day turned out to be a good one!


May 28, 2008 - 9:10 pm

Anonymous - Hi PEA!! You are special

May 28, 2008 - 8:59 pm

Heather - sorry about your eyeballs…mine are all scatchy and watery too…

you have some sweet friends Jen…cherish them! (I know you do totally do)!

May 28, 2008 - 8:54 pm

Oscar - U Da good ol rockin’ bomb!

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