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It’s not like me to not post something on my blog almost every day but most recently I’ve been having a little down time.  The funny part is that my downtime hasn’t been spent lounging around and resting.  I’ve actually been traveling.  First from North Carolina to Georgia, then back to North Carolina, then to South Carolina and back to North Carolina, to Michigan and then to New Jersey for the holidays. Chris and I are making the most of our free time together while he’s on leave because soon he will deploy to Afghanistan.  =(

While we were in Michigan visiting Chris’ family – Chris and I went skiing with his brother at Snow Snake Mountain in Harrison, Michigan.  It was only my second time ever skiing.  The first time was a horror and I thought I would NEVER EVER do it again but I decided to go for it.  Chris was a very patient teacher and was always looking out for me.  I stayed on the bunny slope the whole time and only fell 3 times.  Hours later my arms felt like we noodles from holding the tow rope up and down the mountain so I decided to call it a day on the bunny slope.  Chris and his brother decided to snow board on the big mountain and so I tried to go down it once but I was too scared and it was a bit of a catastrophe for met.  I won’t tell you how long it took me to get down but eventually I reached the bottom.

After I was done I got my camera out of the car and sat and took photos of Chris and his brother as they came down the mountain on their snowboards.  I enjoyed watching them do their thing.  =)

So…here I am…all ready to go!  I was about to go up the bunny slope for the first time….

Here’s my Christopher!

Below are a few shots I took of them coming down the mountain.  I only had my 18-200 with me and I was wishing the whole time that I had my 70-300!

I decided that some cropping in different areas of these photos would add interest.

I asked them to take a photo together and this is what I got.  LOL!  Boys will be boys!

Here we are after our day of fun.  I’m still in one piece and smiling so that’s a good thing!  =)

December 26, 2009 - 9:52 pm

Julie - Love this set of photos. It looks really cold there. I’m glad that you and Chris are able to spend this time together before his deployment.

December 25, 2009 - 12:19 am

oneshotbeyond - You all look so happy and are in my favorite setting-the SNOW!!! Gotta love it! I wish you and Chris a Merry Christmas Jen! It was so nice having you around this time of year last year…miss you!

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