Near Death Experience

At the end of the work day I left the office (I drove my husband’s car to work today…) and I traveled one minute down the highway that my office is on. I entered the on-ramp for Route 287 (the major highway I travel on only for only two exits…less than 2 minutes worth).

The on-ramp has 2 lanes that enter onto the highway and I was in the right lane. I barely got onto the highway and I noticed the car in the left lane swerving into my lane….I laid on the horn and I swerved to the right to avoid them hitting me. As I did my car started swerving left and then right and spinning out of control as I tried to steady the car. Somehow I avoided spinning into the 3 lanes of traffic traveling at 65-70 miles per hour on this highway. Somehow I stayed on the portion of the road that leads off the on-ramp.

I ended up in a 180 degree circle facing the cement barrier to my right that is on the shoulder and keeps you from falling off this elevated part of the highway. I was safe but in shock for one second until I looked out my passenger-side window and saw a little red car and a BMW coming onto the highway from the on-ramp coming straight towards my passenger-side door.

By the grace of God and some kind of ‘pure luck’ the cars coming towards me were able to stop without hitting me. I was able to reverse quickly without going into oncoming traffic and get my car facing the right way.

I was shaking and could hardly breathe (all-out hyperventilating) and as soon as I was facing the right way I pulled over on the shoulder of the highway. Would you believe that the person who swerved into my lane and the people behind me never stopped to see if I was okay? As a matter of fact the people who were behind me drove past me and gave me dirty looks!! And none of this was my fault!

I got off the highway and drove down the road but I was crying and shaking so badly I had to sit on the side of the road for at least 20-25 minutes until I calmed down a bit.

After I felt better I looked out the passenger window to see the most heavenly sky….So what did I do? I got myself together and I picked my camera bag up off the floor where it went flying (ouch! don’t worry it was unharmed) and I took a ton of shots of this heavenly sky before me.

I’m still not over what happened to me…I had time to see my life pass before my eyes and I can still remember every moment of what happened to me and I still can feel what it felt like. I think it will take a while to get over this but I have to travel these roads 5 days a week so I will HAVE TO get over this quickly.

Here is my heavenly sky after my ‘near death experience’ today:

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