An Unhealthy Obsession – The Story Coming Soon!

My friend Meleah is quite the talented writer (click her name to reach her blog).  She’s currently in the process of making a video about her unhealthy obsession with her Mac laptop which by itself is really hy-ster-i-cal to anyone that knows her!

I saw the preliminary draft of the video and it made me laugh and smile at her creativity.  She reminds me so much of me with the things she thinks this things up.  I think that’s why we get along so well. LOL

And this is also the reason why I was all tooooo happy to help her with the quest to add photos to this video that depict her unhealthy love for her Mac – by doing a photo shoot at my house late last night.

I’m such a big nerd with this kind of fun shoot.  You should have seen me breaking out the props for each of the set ups and adding more and more wacky ideas to her list.  I should have had a behind the scenes video going of me running around the house looking for props!  LOL

Below is the first shot of the night.  The only light in the room was the two candles on the table and the light beaming from the laptop onto the chair. The scene is a candle lit romantic moment with Meleah and Mac.  The funniest part to me personally is that she is wearing the top of one of my bridesmaids dresses because we wanted her to be in an evening-gown-type attire! The whole thing made me laugh so much!

I forced Meleah to sit perfectly still for a 7.1 second exposure time (which felt a lot like an eternity).:)

I hate to do this to you all but this is the only photo you’re going to see until the video is completed!! A teaser it will have to stay for the time being!  I know Meleah’s working hard to get the video done fast so when she is finished I’ll share the rest of the photos with you all then.

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