Quick Little Photo Trip – Turned Out To Be Very Fruitful!

I spent the day indoors today working on my family portraits from Thanksgiving and decorating the house for Christmas. Around 3:30pm I decided to run out for a few minutes to get some photos in locally before the sun went down.

I stopped at an area I found on Thursday that was part of the D&R Canal. Just when I think I’ve seen all of the canal I keep discovering so many more great parts of it.

I went out purposely to take more RAW shots in multiple exposures (3). I’ve been on a kick of working on HDR‘s and I’m loving the results I get with a lot of them.

These are some I took today and worked on in Photomatrix.

This one was a random find. I came to the end of a street and found this sight before my eyes. I literally stopped the car, pulled out the camera and tripod, shot a number of shots, and then got back in my car to get to my next destination. I just can’t pass up a great tree-lined path like this!

(click to view larger)

This photo was take at St. Joseph’s Seminary. The building pictured is the Mary Immaculate Library. I never knew this place exsisted even though I’ve lived close to this area all of my life. When I was done with my photo hunt on Thursday I decided to take a new way home and found it (I always suggest doing this. You can find some great photo ops you never knew existed this way). SO today I went back to photograph it. After I was done a priest came out to chat and told me I’m welcome to photograph the chapel anytime which I thought was nice because I love photographing churches and there’s was a nice one (I just didn’t have time).

(click to view larger)

This was a spot right near the seminary. I love how this came out. I wished it wasn’t getting dark while taking these shots but I think they worked out for the best with the dark shadows.

(click to view larger)

And a wide view (I couldn’t decide which view I liked…tall or wide?)

And another by the D&R Canal. I’m loving this one!:

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