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Celebrating Our Independence!

Enjoy the 4th of July Holiday! While you’re enjoying the day don’t forget to take one moment to pause and honor those who are fighting for our Independence in this wonderful country. God Bless America Land of the Free and home of the BRAVE!!! I’m off to celebrate the day with my friend, photographing her...

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San Diego Skyline from Coronnado

I’m so excited that I got to stop with Heather and my friend Kyle to enjoy the SD skyline and capture this night cityscape! I’ve yet to take the NYC skyline at night and I live only 45 minutes away – so haven’t this is a real treat!

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La Jolla Cove

On my birthday we headed to San Diego (my favorite place from my excursions with Heather) and we stopped at La Jolla Cove right after sunset. It was so beautiful to see in person and I had to keep reminding myself to see with my EYES and not JUST through the viewfinder of my camera....

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An Unhealthy Obsession – The Story Coming Soon!

My friend Meleah is quite the talented writer (click her name to reach her blog).  She’s currently in the process of making a video about her unhealthy obsession with her Mac laptop which by itself is really hy-ster-i-cal to anyone that knows her! I saw the preliminary draft of the video and it made me...

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10,000 Hits!

Well, it finally happened. The blog hit 10,000 hits!! The fun part about it is that I actually know who the 10,000 hit was! It was my friend Jo Ann! I saw that the blog was on the verge of hitting 10,000 and I asked her if she’d seen the new page…she hadn’t seen it...

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