New Jersey's Pine Barrens

Today’s photo journey brought my sister and I to an area know as the “pine barrens” of New Jersey.

The Pine Barrens, also known as the Pinelands, is a heavily forested area covering 1.1 million acres of coastal plain across southern and central New Jersey. The name “pine barrens” refers to the area’s sandy, acidic, nutrient-poor soil, which didn’t take well to the crops originally imported by European settlers.

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We stopped at the Mullica River but the sun battled us most if the time today…made the sky look “white” or “blown out” in many photos. We also stopped at various bodies of water that we’d find on the side of the road.

I was on the look out for nature shots of all kinds…

My sister and I met this guy and his pup on the side of the road today where we were taking pictures. He stopped to see what we were photographing and thought maybe we spotted some eagles since they were known to be in the area we were photographing.

I loved the box had had attached to his motorcycle so that he could travel around with his dog…I just had to ask him if I could take their picture.

Funny thing was an hour or so later we stopped at a diner for dinner he was sitting and eating at the counter. We didn’t recognize him but he turned around and said “hey! it’s the photographer girls.” It really is a small world to run into the same guy again…maybe he thought we were stalking him! LOL!

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